Manufacturer: MCET

clutch switch for Brembo RCS clutch

Product.Nr.: 10467195

Manufacturer: MCET

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product description

mechanical clutch switch kit

The kit is desgined for use with Brembo RCS clutch master cylinders.

Kit includes:
micro switch with cables water resistant
mounting plates
mounting instructions

switch is in two version available:
close switch = power can flow, when switch is pushed
opener switch = power will cut off, when switch is pushed

For RCS Corsa Corta switch kit 10467195CC


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Wrote by Marc C. on 02.07.2015

RCS clutch switch

I just installed Brembo RCS masters on my bike and wanted to retain a clutch safety switch as the new Brembo RCS does not have one. Started to design my own kit and came across this switch from MCET on a google images search. The price was right and the customer service was great. Placed the order online and shipping was fast to the USA. Easy to install and working great! Fantastic quality. I highly recommend this product!!!

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