Manufacturer: Öhlins®

Öhlins shock absorber S46PR1C1LB for BMW RnineT / Scrambler/ Urban G/S 21-22

Product.Nr.: BM645

Manufacturer: Öhlins®

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product description

The version S46PR1C1LB is an absorber with cast-on header tank. Traction phase attitude, compression phase
separately adjustable. Initial stress in the spring is adjustable with a intgrated hydraulically adjustment.

Öhins shock absorbers are setup for a 80 kg driver (incl. helmet, suite etc.) if driver is extrem lighter or heavier,
please give us the drivers weight so we can setup the shock absober for the wright drivers weight.

• P   - Piggy back
• R1 - adjustable rebound
• C1 - adjustable compression
• B   - internal hydr. preload adjuster
• L   - lenght adjustable 374 +7mm/-5mm mm

spring 01092-64 160 N/mm

(fig. exemplary)


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